All rights reserved Juliana has been heavily pregnant. The pregnancy is eight months. She has been calculating it since the last time she visited the General hospital– Long life and Prosperity hospital. She finds the name amusing. Just a day, she was down with fever, her eyes were pale and she was feeling dizzy. She […]


Review; Picture Perfect

Rating: 🔶🔶🔶🔶🔶🔶(6/10) This movie is a must see as it portrays societal vices and happenings. From the video quality, perfect acting from Bolanle Ninolowo, Mary-Remmy Njoku, Bisola Aiyeola and Ronke Ojo et al.. The movie sure lived up to its name but there are some inconsistencies. Like how Jobe located the shop of Kunbi to […]

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The Johnson Family Drama; Review

This is not like your average Nigerian home videos with poor video quality. Video quality is mostly where Nollywood always get it wrong save for some cinematic Nigerian movies in vogue currently now. Nollywood produced some epic movies then, which centered around our cultural settings with nice story lines except some few lacking substance. Nigerian […]

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Happiness Is Overrated

I am not one that writes cliché articles on the subject of happiness. You will see quotes that goes like “be happy, it’s priceless gift from God”. Nobody owes you happiness. But I tell you those words are overrated. It’s not easy to come by, remember? We live in an African society where we have […]

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The Evil Of Patriarchy

This is entirely based on fiction, so names listed here aren’t real. I would be using four characters. Emeka – a manly dude.. Tobi – an effeminate dude. Ifeoma – a tomboyish lady.. Funmi – a girly lady.. According to Mariam Websters dictionary, Patriarchy can be defined as a social organization marked by the supremacy […]

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“Getting my hair done, I would be a force to reckon with in this party”, Dora chipped in! “Yes, girl, it’s long overdue; at least you had gotten over the heartbreak from your breakup with Michael”, Miranda retorted.. I wouldn’t say men are scum, she continued, since both genders have had dividends in heartbreaks… Anyway, […]

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